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Charles Augustus VAUGHAN ( seven generations) - Bio

(Editor's Note: Except for the speculations in the first paragraph of this biography, this information is very accurate beginning with the sentence regarding John VAUGHAN being admitted as Freeman. The case referenced to the year 1634 actually took place in Boston, not Providence, and it was for public drunkenness.

John VAUGHAN (I), the pioneer ancestor of Charles Augustus VAUGHAN, of Worcester, Massachusetts, was born in England, probably about 1615. He settled in Providence, although he seems to have lived in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay, for a few years. John VAUGHAN was in Watertown in 1633, and a proprietor in 1636, but John VAUGHAN, of Providence, had a case in court in Providence March 4, 1634. The only other early settler of this family was William VAUGHAN, a proprietor of Springfield, who leased his land January 10, 1644, for a period of six years, and perhaps returned to England.

John VAUGHAN was accepted as an inhabitant in good standing at Newport, May 20, 1638, and was admitted a freeman, which meant also membership in the church, 1645. He was granted forty-two acres of land at a place called the Hermitage in 1639, and May 22, 1642, had an eighty-acre lot laid out to him. He deeded eight acres to his son, John, by deed of gift April 16, 1673, and a farm July 23, 1680, to his son Daniel, of Newport. He died 1687, at Newport, where he lived during most of his active life.
Children were:
1. John, born April 19, 1644; settled in Newport.
2. David, born July 19, 1646; settled at Portsmouth.
3. George, (see forward).
4. Daniel, born April 27, 1653; married Susan Grimes and settled in Newport.
5. Mary, born July 3, 1658.

(II) George VAUGHAN, son of John VAUGHAN (i), born October 20, 1650, died May 7, 1704. He lived at Newport, Rhode Island, and later at East Greenwich. He was a blacksmith by trade. He had a grant, with others, of five thousand acres of land at East Greenwich, October 31, 1677. He was deputy to the general assembly in 1684-98-99, and was on the grand jury in 1698. He commanded a cavalry company in 1687. His will was dated April II, 1699, and was proved May 25, 1704. His wife Mary and son George, Jr., were the executors. He mentioned his smith's tools in the will. He married, July 26, 1680, Margaret Spink, daughter of Robert and Alice Spink. She died 1704.
Their children were:
1. George, Jr., born April 19, 1682; married Jane Nichols.
2. David, born April 29, 1683; married Mary Pearce.
3. Mary, born February 23, 1085.
4. Christopher, (see forward).
5. Abigail, born February 24, 1689; married John Hall.
6. Robert, born March 7, 1691; married Joanna Sweet.

(III) Christopher VAUGHAN, fourth child of George VAUGHAN (2), born in Newport, Rhode Island, April 29, 1686. He was admitted a freeman 1707, and settled in East Greenwich, on the land granted to his father. He died there October 11, 1751, and his will was proved August 29, 1752. It mentions a loom, showing that Christopher was probably a weaver as well as a planter. His executor was Christopher, Jr., to whom he left the homestead for life, and to his grandson Christopher after him. His estate was valued at two thousand, six hundred and forty-eight pounds. He married, June 26, 1709, Deborah Nichols, born February 17, 1688, daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Reynolds) Nichols.
Their children, all born at East Greenwich, were:
1. Christopher, Jr., born July 6, 1710.
2. Benjamin, born July 2, 1713.
3. Mary, born May 8, 1715; married Nichols.
4. Deborah, born July 13, 1719; married Weaver.
5. Ruth, born August 12, 1729, married Spencer.

(IV) Christopher VAUGHAN, Jr., son of Christopher VAUGHAN (3), born July 6, 1710, at East Greenwich, Rhode Island; died there April 23, 1758. He had the homestead of his grandfather. He married (first) Hannah and (second) Elizabeth ( ?).
The children of Christopher and Hannah VAUGHAN, all born at East Greenwich, were,
1. Christopher, Jr., born April 22, 1735, settled in East Greenwich.
2. Benjamin, born September 6, 1744, settled in Vermont and was in the revolution, (he seems to be the Benjamin VAUGHAN who finally settled at Danby, Vermont, though the statement of his English birth there is evidently wrong, being confused apparently with the earlier ancestor, John). Benjamin lived also at Tinmouth, Vermont. In the revolution he was in the same company with John and James VAUGHAN, his brothers. (Sec the record of John.)
3. Abigail, born September 6, 1744. The only child on record of Christopher and Elizabeth, born at East Greenwich, was Alice, born October 25, 1754. Other children were:
5. James, soldier in the Vermont companies with John and Benjamin VAUGHAN.
6. John, (see forward).

(V) John VAUGHAN, son of Christopher VAUGHAN (4), born about 1760. Benjamin, John and James VAUGHAN were all soldiers together in the revolution. Benjamin VAUGHAN was the first to enlist in the Shoreham (Vermont) company, Captain Ebenezer Allen's, April, 1778, probably about the time that the VAUGHAN family went to Vermont. In 1780 Benjamin and James VAUGHAN were in Captain Gideon Ormsby's company, Colonel Ira Allen's regiment In 1781 Benjamin, James and John VAUGHAN were in the same regiment, Colonel Ira Allen's, under Captain Jacob Odell. The only other VAUGHANs in the revolution, from Vermont, were Charles, Obadiah and Jabesh, whose relationship has not been traced.

John VAUGHAN settled in Shoreham, in the western part of Vermont, named evidently from Shoreham, Rhode Island. Some of the settlers came from Danby where Benjamin VAUGHAN settled. There were only six families in Shoreham before 1775. The VAUGHAN family came during the revolution. It is related in the town history that Major Nathan Smith, who settled there with three brothers from Nine Partners, New York, was, with Benjamin VAUGHAN, the first to scale the breastworks in pursuit of the enemy at the battle of Bennington. According to family tradition John VAUGHAN sold supplies from his farm to the soldiers at the battle of Bennington in 1777. John VAUGHAN married Achsah Hill, the daughter of David Hill. Among their children was George Pike VAUGHAN, (see forward).

(VI) George Pike VAUGHAN, son of John Pike (sp) (5), was born in Shoreham, Vermont, about 1813. For many years he was engaged in farming in the neighborhood of his birthplace, but later in life changed his abode to Thetford, Vermont, where he died. He married, October 29, 1845, Mary Moore Palmer, born August 21, 1823. She is still living with her family. Her father was Jared Palmer.
The children of George Pike and Mary Moore (Palmer) VAUGHAN, all born at Shoreham, Vermont, were:
I. George Leslie, born July 1846; married Emma Lyman, of Thetford; is a farmer; they have five children: Lyman; Elizabeth ; Raymond ; Christine; Charles.
2. Charles Augustus (see forward).
3. Mary E., married Warren C. Jewett, of Worcester. (See sketch of Jewett.)
4. David Albert; married A. Emily King; resides in Metcalf, Massachusetts; they have four children: Mabel; Ethel; Irving: Justin (twin of preceding).
5. Frank M, married and has two children; resides at Cambridge, Massachusetts.
6. Arthur J., a carpenter and builder, resides in Worcester; married Clara Davis and they have two children.
7. Octavia H. teaches school in the Adams square public school, Worcester.
8. Henry, married Cora Dakin, died leaving one child, Florence.

(Vll) Charles Augustus VAUGHAN, second child of George Pike VAUGHAN (6), born at Shoreham, Vermont, August 19, 1847. His education was acquired in the common schools and academy of Thetford, Vermont, whither his parents removed during the early years of his life, and at the age of fifteen he left school to work on the farm with his father. Three years later he came to Worcester, Massachusetts, to learn the trade of carpenter, of H. & A. Palmer, for whom he worked ten years. In 1875 he started in business for himself as carpenter and builder, and has since been engaged successfully in this business. Among the many tine residences and buildings that he has built are the following: L. D. Thayer's residence, Main street; Gilbert Harrington's, Main street; T. B. Brown's and Henry Taylor's, Richards street; William H. Sawyerls, Lincoln street; Fred S. Taylor's, Institute road; John D. Baldwin's, Cedar street; George F. Blake's; Judge William T. Forbe's, Trowbridge road; George Moore's; George Heywood's, Gardner, Massachusetts; Andrew J. Bates's, Webster, Massachusetts ; Mr. Sibley's country house, Spencer, Massachusetts; Mann Brothers', Leicester; The Armsby Block, Main street, Worcester; Whitinsville public school; a number of churches in Worcester county.

Mr. VAUGHAN was for two years president of the Builders' Exchange, of Worcester. He has been active in public affairs in Worcester and prominent in public life. He is a leading Republican, serving the city in the board of aldermen in 1899, 1900-01-02, from Ward one. He is an active member of Union Church, was a member of the building committee, and has been a trustee since 1897. He is a member of the Worcester Board of Trade and of the Vermont Association; a trustee of the Worcester County Mechanics' Association; a director of the Young Men's Christian Association and director of the Merchants' and Farmers' Insurance Company of Worcester. He married (first) October 6, 1869, Ann E. Morse, daughter of Willis and Maria M. Morse, of Southbridge, Massachusetts, a descendant of Samuel Morse, one of the pioneer settlers of Massachusetts, and one of the leading families. She died December 19, 1889. He married (second) September 19, 1896, Adele Fairbanks, daughter of William H. and Ellen (Williams) Fairbanks, of Holden, Massachusetts. She is a descendant of Jonathan Fairbanks, of Dedham, the progenitor of all of that name in this country.
The children of Charles Augustus and Ann E. VAUGHAN were:
1. Charles Albert, born October 7, 1871; now a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, of the firm of Bull & Vaughan, builders and contractors ; he was a corporal in Company C, Light Infantry, of Worcester, and served in the Spanish war, in Cuba; married, in 1900, Isabella Cundall, of Worcester, and they have had two children: Isabel and Edward Cundall VAUGHAN.
2. Robert Henry, born October 27, 1876; married. 1899, Elizabeth Cundall, sister of Isabella (Cundall) VAUGHAN, and they have four children:
Charles Augustus, born October 3, 1900;
Jessie, born August 7, 1902;
Marian, born October 29, 1904;
Willard Cundall, born January, 1906.
3. Louis Edgar, born March 9, 1880, graduate of the Boston Technical school.
4. Ralph Donald, born January 28, 1884; student at Cornell University, class of 1907, making a specialty of architectural engineering.
5. Catherine May, born May 24, 1887.
The children of Charles Augustus and Adele (Fairbanks) VAUGHAN were:
6. George Fairbanks, born January 30, 1897.
7. Margaret, born July 16, 1902.
8. Barbara, born August 21, 1904.

From the:

Librarian of the Worcester Society of Antiquity, and Editor of its Proceedings;

Knowledge of kindred and the genealogies of the ancient families deserveth the highest
praise. Herein consisteth a part of the knowledge of a mans own self. It is a great spur to
virtue to look back on the work of our lines."—Lord Bacon.

There is no heroic poem in the world but is at the bottom the life of a man."—Sir Walter Scott.




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