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Articles: B. Our Place in History
An Introduction to the OPIH

An Introduction to the OPIH for my Children and Grandchildren

Battles, Wars and Sieges

Biblical Era

Community Founders

Declaration of Independence Signers

Famous Cousins
Here is a list of some of our famous cousins.

Government Leaders

Historical Government Leaders of Great Britain
Here is a list of some of our ancestors who served in positions of leadership in ancient Great Britain.

Immigrants to the US, Canada and elsewhere


Magna Carta Signers
The Magna Carta is considered to be one of the greatest documents ever conceived, executed and put into law that gives rights to individuals. King of England, John "Lackland" was coerced into signing it and accepting a new form of government for England. Our VAUGHAN line has several royal families that were present and were instrumental in making it happen.

Mayflower, Jamestown Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Thanksgiving

Religious Leaders

Roman Era


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