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Associations, Orders & Societies
The Mayflower Society and the DAR aren't the only genealogy "clubs". There are many other hereditary, social and privileged-class groups that many VAUGHAN descendants are eligible for inclusion. Here are 75 more you probably never heard of! Your mother was right: who you hang out with does tell a lot about you!

Bridges and Dams named VAUGHAN
Here is a list some large structures named VAUGHAN.

Cities, towns and vllages named VAUGHAN
Here is a list of cities, towns and villages named VAUGHAN.

DNA Testing
There have many requests for information on DNA testing.

Educational Institutions
Colleges, universities and schools named VAUGHAN

English Exiles to Australia
Here is a list of VAUGHAN criminals from Great Britain that were exiled to Australia.

How Many Ancestors Do I Have?
Here's a chart to tell you the answer!

Inland water features named VAUGHAN
Here is a list of rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and other water features named VAUGHAN

Land Formations
Land formations including hills, valleys, meadows and other natural features named VAUGHAN.

Here are two minerals named VAUGHAN. In Geology, rocks have an "ite" at the end of the name.

Missing Persons
This is a list VAUGHANs that are Missing Persons. This is no joke.

Offshore water features
Here is a list of offshore water features like bays, inlets, shoals and reefs named VAUGHAN.

Parks named VAUGHAN
Parks and recreation areas named VAUGHAN

Roadways named VAUGHAN
Here is a list of streets, highways, roads and other conveyances named VAUGHAN found around the world. Perhaps one or two may be actually named for someone in our genealogy.

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Here's information on the City of VAUGHAN and how it got it's name.


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