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Articles: R. Miscellaneous
All Known VAUGHANs from Vermont that were in the Civil War
This is a list of all of the VAUGHANs from Vermont known to have participated in the Civil War. The individuals listed Vermont as their place of enlistment even though Vermont may not have been where they were born. There may be more so if you are aware of one, please let us know.

Census Information & Statistics
Information from census gathering from English-speaking countries where VAUGHAN is found.

Contributors' Page
Our genealogy was not written by one person. There are many who have provided information and we are grateful. Some added a date or a photo; some added a complete family. But to all, we say THANK YOU!

Crooks and Criminals 1600s-1700s
VAUGHANs that made it into history for their criminal actions in the years before 1700

Crooks and Criminals 1701-1899
VAUGHANs that made it into history for their questionable actions between 1700 and 1899

Crooks and Criminals 1900-1999
VAUGHANs that made into history for their questionable actions from 1900 to 1999.

Crooks and Criminals 2000-Present
VAUGHANs that made it into history for questionable actions from 2000 to the Present.

Merging VAUGHAN Lines
Our genealogy has VAUGHANs that have married into other known but heretofore unrelated VAUGHAN genealogies. Here some other VAUGHAN genealogies that join us.

Mormon Handcart Pioneers named VAUGHAN
Here is a list of VAUGHANs that crossed The Plains pulling handcarts as part of the Mormon migration. They are listed here to honor the incredible courage and faith these people exhibited by leaving their homes and family, sailing across an ocean and then walking across 2/3rds of the US to start new lives.

San Francisco Reburials Controversy
To make way for additional development, San Francisco dug up four cemeteries and moved some of the bodies to Colma but others were "lost" including several people in this genealogy that were buried in the Masonic and the IOOF cemeteries. This is a summary written by the City of San Francisco in 1950.

Valley Forge Muster Rolls
30,000+ men served at Valley Forge from December 1777 to June 1778 under General George Washington. Here are the VAUGHANs and VAUGHNs that were there. Many of the VAUGHNs listed are actually VAUGHANs with spelling errors. Several of these men are part of our genealogy

VAUGHAN Armorial Insignia
This section holds actual armorial insignia used by VAUGHAN families over the years. These are real thing, not like the contrived $29.95 plaques from a mailorder house.

VAUGHAN Spelling Errors
Here is a list of confirmed spelling errors for VAUGHAN family members.

VAUGHANs in Court: Judges and Attorneys
VAUGHANs who are/were judges or attorneys

VAUGHANs in Government (Active)


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