David Watson Vaughan - obituary
Posted by staff on May 21 2018 18:25:32
David Watson Vaughan

David was born the son of Robert 1913-1988 and Eleanor (Watson) 1914-1998 Vaughan in Oak Park Illinois on December 31, 1948. He attended Indiana University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

David worked for Molex Incorporated as an AQP Engineer until 2018, and before that at Linecraft, Central Dye Casting, and Sealed Power.

In addition to his work as an engineer, David was a talented poet, writer, photographer, chess player, cook, coffee aficionado, film and music geek, and all-around renaissance man. He was deeply interested in the world around him and had many passions, which he pursued with brilliance and precision. He was a Taoist.

David is survived by daughters Isobel O’Hare (Taos, New Mexico) and Annia Ciezadlo (Beirut, Lebanon), niece Jennifer Drapkin Trygstad (Seattle, Washington), and former spouse Lori Vaughan (Winchester, Virginia).