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John VAUGHAN presumably born in Britain about 1616 and Luigi GNARINI born 1833 in Italy are the first members of their respective families to come to America. This is a genealogy of all of John's and Luigi's known descendants, and, the pedigrees of Ralph & Gaea that brought these two great families together when they married. We also have a separate International GNARINI Genealogy for all other known GNARINIs in the world.

VAUGHAN, the 854th most common name in the US (1990 Census), is the Anglo-Saxon translation of the Welsh word VYCHAN that meant a younger member of the family. It was originally used to refer to a child in a family having the same given name as a parent but it became a secondary or surname after 1000 AD. Usage of VAUGHAN begins along The Marches of England after the time William the Conqueror’s forces first approached Wales. Unlike England, William never conquered Wales and the Welsh language remained intact much longer. VAUGHAN is the original and correct spelling of the name and is one of the 35 oldest names in Great Britain. Vaughn, Vaun and all other variations did not exist as surnames in ancient Wales and Britain but are corruptions due mainly to illiteracy, transcription error or poor penmanship that began in The Colonies after 1650. Census-takers and government workers in The Colonies, and subsequently the United States, were the greatest offenders.

GNARINI originates in the 11th Century mountain village of Ponzano Superiore, La Spezia, Liguria, Italy and is among the rarest names in the world. When Gaea's brother, John GNARINI, died in the year 2000, the name became extinct in North America. Ponzano Superiore was first built as a military outpost to overlook the Via Francigena in the Val di Magra (Magra River Valley). We have had the privilege of visiting this wonderful place.

Our heritage includes four direct Mayflower lines (several more via cousin lines), scores of ties to European royalty and a number of scoundrels.

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