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VAUGHAN Genealogy
VAUGHAN Genealogy contains all the information gathered while compiling this website that was not linked to the VAUGHAN / GNARINI line. Thousands of names, 500+ photos and 100s of articles about, well, VAUGHAN. This site is operated by VAUGHAN / GNARINI.
Date Added: 03/10/2008 22:22 Visits: 1027
LAZENBY Genealogy
The LAZENBY Genealogy details the ancestors of Ray & Beulah (CLARKE) LAZENBY. The VAUGHANs and the LAZENBYs are related by marriage. Approximately 6,000 individuals listed.
Date Added: 03/10/2008 22:25 Visits: 1044
The DOCKSTADER Genealogy details the ancestors of Rod & Sarah DOCKSTADER. The DOCKSTADERs and the VAUGHANs are related by marriage. This site is not completely operational yet.
Date Added: 03/10/2008 22:27 Visits: 2293
Gunships is the largest non-government website documenting a specific plane used in combat in Vietnam and other locations worldwide. Frank VAUGHAN is the operator of Gunships and also serves as webmaster of this website.
Date Added: 03/10/2008 22:45 Visits: 1230
VanDerVOORT Genealogy
The VanDerVOORT Genealogy details the ancestors of Marshall & Johnnie VanDerVOORT. Approximately 600 individuals listed. This site is under construction.
Date Added: 03/10/2008 22:49 Visits: 2217
Vietnam War Internet Project
The Vietnam War Internet Project is an honest portrayal of one of the most unpopular wars the United States ever engaged in. No partisan posturing, just straightforward comments, pictures and discussion. Frank VAUGHAN is the operator of VWIP and also serves as webmaster of this website.
Date Added: 09/10/2008 09:44 Visits: 977


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